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PoliticsPosted by Jan Lester Mon, April 07, 2014 13:33:06

democide The mass killing of its own people (demos) by the *state. This is not rare. Many people might assume that state *wars are the biggest political killer and, in any case, inevitable once one side attacks (so one side might have a prima facie claim to be killing in its own defense). But war is nowhere near as big a killer as the death toll exacted when states kill their own *subjects. R. J. Rummel (1932- ) calculates that in the twentieth century alone states murdered nearly 174 million of their own subjects. Rummel states that this is “over four-times those killed in combat in all international and domestic wars during the same years” (see his “power kills” website and various related books such as Death by Government, 1997). But, contra Rummel, *‘democracy’ is not the best solution—*anarchy is.

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