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PoliticsPosted by Jan Lester Tue, April 08, 2014 15:39:38

fairness This means little more than whatever state of affairs or procedures someone finds *morally attractive, usually because *honest but also often *equal in some way (including not *discriminating). And so the idea that ‘equality is fair’ will seem to be a moral axiom to some people. But *libertarians have sound reasons for rejecting the idea that inequality or discrimination is inherently unfair, and so reject the ‘axiom’ as a mere *prejudice.

Even if we consider some *politically correct interpretation of ‘fairness’, it does not follow that *political *coercion should or could rectify some unfair situation. Any ‘fairness’ that is *proactively imposed will tend to destroy *liberty and *welfare, for the usual *economic reasons. Thus such ‘fairness’ should not be a criterion of what is permissible in *law. But sentiments of fairness that have an *egalitarian basis do not withstand informed *criticism: they are childish and uncivilized (see *envy). Applied to society as a whole, this sentiment is known as *‘social justice’.

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